Vintage 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top
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Vintage 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top


gibson les paul standard 314073305498608840 Vintage 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top

Vintage 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top.

Please use the zoom feature to see the excelent condition itis in.Then look at other people selling like guitars from "Any Year"
and you will see the outstanding condition this gem is in. Some others might be selling thiers for less, but if you want a worn down,
faded, and generally beaten up guitar, then this beauty is definitely not for you.

If you want a vintage 1981 guitar that is solidly built and in ridiculously condition then this is the guitar for you.

Sure you could find anew gold topfor 1 to3 thousand "more" then what I am offering this beauty for. But as we all know, as with a car, they just aren't built the same
standards as they were in the past. I compare it to a 60's Mustang to present days version. Sure the new ones are pretty, but
ask yourself, which one is more solidand built with Steeland which one has more plastic/fiberglass etc. One is a true classic muscle car and one is just new,
but is constructed with a lot of plastic, electronics and fiberglass. Now I am not saying gibson uses or does not useany fiberglass or plastic in their guitars.
I am just saying, that it is probably not going to be constructed in the exact same way as it was is the past.

Don't get me wrong, the new Les Pauls are nice, but they are just not built exactly the same as the Vintage Guitars. Personally, give me a classic anyday.

This Les Paul is in beautiful condition. The colorsare briliant.

As you can see from the photos, it is in mint condition.

I am the original owner.

This was a birthday present to me when I was a child. Unfortunately, I never
played the guitar. It has been sitting mostlyin my closet.
I was never in a band or anything like that.

The finish looks like new. Not faded nor wornlike other ones for sale on ebay
and craigslist. Very minimum wear and tear as you can see.

All the original parts. As theyou can see from the photos, the original
parts are not worn down.

It comes with the original Gibson Case.

If you are looking for a solid Vintage Gison Les Paul Gold Top Guitar that is very close to new condition, then this is it.

Again, use the zoom feature on Ebay to look closely at the guitar then look at other
people selling like guitars using thierzoom. You will see the difference in aging
and use. You can tell right off that it has been barely played.

Excellent condition and of course built by Gibson. The serial number on the head
will let you know more info on the date, location, etc of the Les Paul.

gibson les paul standard 314073305498608841 Vintage 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top
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