Pristine Collector Grade 2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard Awesome Guitar
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Pristine Collector Grade 2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard Awesome Guitar


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You are bidding on a gorgeous, collector condition, Les Paul Standard. I searched forquite a while to find one in this pristine condition.I am extremely particular, andI knew exactly what I wanted, and it had to be of collector grade. I bought this guitaras an investment, and the price/value has increased just since I bought it. This guitar is a "Real" LesPaul, the way they were meant to be built, and hasthefollowing qualitiesto back it up. It wasbuilt in 2006, in the Nashville factory, which is very desirable in itself,due to their superiorbuild, andquality control within this particular facility. The guitar is a10 lb. solid body, non-chambered, sound and, sustain machine. It has an awesome, perfectly set-up 60's slimneck profile(NON- asymetrical). The action is set nice and low, and feels like butter, and has a smooth dark rosewood fretboard.This guitar is like the one you pick up, and as soon as you get your hands on it, and immediately know,this is"The one". It has Burstbucker pick-ups which are incredible pick-ups, in my opinion. The finish is beautiful, andsomewhat unique. It's somewhere between Tobacco-burst, and Desert-burst, with a nice delicate flame finish. It has an undeniable vintage vibe that I absolutely fell in love with. This guitar stays in it's case, in a climate controlled, smoke free environment. I even keep the case, with the guitar in it, in the box it came in, and that is padded. Like I said...Very picky. The guitar has a pick guard, but there is no way I could bring myself to put a hole in it, I will let it's new owner follow his conscience on that I have looked this guitar over, and over, in all kind of lighting, and I can't find anything that makes this guitar anything less than dead mint . There is absolutely no buckle rash, chips, cracks, dings, fractures, repairs,finish breaks, modification, etc., and it is 100% all original.This model isgetting harder to find, because it does'nt have the "machine perfected", plek'd neck, or asymetrical neck shape, and alsodoesn't havethe"flyweight", non-chambered body...Like I said,it is a "real" Les Paul. Call me a traditionalist, but I like the way they were before all of the"perfect" was added.

I truly bought this guitar as an investment, and love it. It just met all of the qualities that a collector loves to get his hands on. I really hate to see it go, but my circumstances dictate that it is necessary right now...I'll probably cry after I ship it...well you know what I I do hope that the new owner loves it, enjoys it, and treats her like a lady...Best Luck, and God Bless!!! <><


My shipping and handling criteria is as follows: I always place the most importance with beinghonest, and fair to each and everyone ofmy customers, and will never compromise my reputation, or my perfect Ebay status.I am always willing to do my best to please the customer, and will gladly answer all questions,specifically, promptly, and honestly. If any issues arise regarding your purchase, I will always gladly hear your concerns andwork promptly to investigate. I do not accept returns, but if you find something that is not consistent with my shoutlines, I will always try to find a peaceful resolve. I never expect these issues to arise, but if they ever do, please let me know immediately. Once you take possession of the item it is under your care, so PLEASE check for any damage to the box before you take possession from the shipper.I alsoadvise everyone to be exactly sure on all of the specifics before you order, because this is a binding transaction upon your final winning bid. I expect payment immediately, but within 3 days max. Your item will ship out uponyour payment in full, but no more than three days. If buyer is outside the U.S., or inHawaii,or Alaska, shipping may, or may not be considerably higher, so please inquire, and I will give you a shipping quote.In regards to feedback, I go above and beyond to praise, and duly note my customers positivefeed back, and ask that youplease do the same. I will never leave negative buyerfeedback withoutinvestigating the circumstances, and/or contactingthe buyer, so please extend the same respect to me.I do all of my transactions through PayPal, unless it is a local pick-up. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask...

Thanks, God Bless, andall my best!!!!<><

Donnie B.

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