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Orville Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar Hsc Gibson Japan


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Up for your consideration we have a very nice Orville Les Paul Standard. This guitar was made between 1989 and 1993. The serial number sticker has been removed, (not by me), so I don't know the exact year. 89-93 were the only years that Orville used stickers for the serial numbers on their guitars. This guitar is in great shape for the age. There are only a few small chips on the guitar. I tried to get pictures of these but I have a hard time getting close up photos. Some buckle marks that don't appear to go through the finish on the back. And it appears that the clearcoat has lifted a little bit inside the P of the Les Paul on the headstock. For a guitar of this age that has been played, not displayed, it is my opinion that it is in very good condition. The neck is somewhere in between a 50's and 60's profile. Not quite as chunky as a 50's, but not as slim as a 60's. The neck is straight. There is some fret wear, but still plenty of life left in them. No dead frets anywhere. It's a nice comfortable player. It weighs in at a very shoulder pleasing 7lbs. 15Ozs. There are no breaks or repairs on this guitar. It will come complete with the hardshell case in the photos. Here's your chance to pick up a Les Paul Standard for a great price. And no high shipping cost from japan! Good luck, and have a great day!!!! ****PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING!!!! VERY IMPORTANT****
Please be aware that by bidding on any of my guitars you must agree to the following terms and conditions. First, I am not a guitar dealer or music store. Just a private individual who likes, and often buys and sells guitars. So please try the particular gutar out at your local music store before bidding on mine to be sure that you like that particular guitar because I DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. And I hate to point out the obvious, but I feel that I must due to recent events. I set my guitars up to play like "I" want them to play. You, however may like a different gauge of strings, or you may like your action set a little higher, or a little lower than the way that my guitar is set up. Therefore, you may have to setup, or if you are unable to do so yourself, have somebody set the guitar up to your liking. Every guitar that I sell is used. So there will be wear, unless I post in the description that the guitar is in "Pristine, or Mint" condition, which you will probably never see. But I always try to be as accurate as possible in every description as I possibly can because I want every person that buys a guitar from me to have the best online purchase experience as possible. If one of my guitars has a break and is in need of repair, I will post that it needs repaired. I try to post large photos to show any potential buyer exactly what they are getting. I'm not only a seller, I buy as well, and I will strive to give any buyer out there the same courtesy that I would expect from anybody that I buy from. If you have a history of posting excessive negative feedback, please don't bother bidding on any of my items, I will cancel the bid, or the purchase.

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