New 2009 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar Deal Must See
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New 2009 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar Deal Must See


gibson les paul standard 103871504436096940 New 2009 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar Deal Must See

Brand new2009 Gibson Les Paul Standard (Cherry Heritage)guitar deal of the century!

I am selling this brand new 2009Gibson Les PaulStandard guitar with hardcase and accessories below. The guitar was taken out of the original box twice, once for the photos and the other time to test the amplifiers. In other words, no scratches, dents or dings, it isa brand new guitar.

I am including this guitar with the items below: (RETAIL VALUE OVER $3,300.00)

(1) Brand new Gibson Les Paul standard guitar with hardcase (Retail value) $2700.00

(2) Vox amplug classic rock headphone amplifier (Retail Value) $39.99

(3) Brand new Levi’s genuine leather strap (Retail value) $49.99

(4) Marshall MG Series 15CDR guitar amplifier (Retail value) $199.99

(6) Metronome(Retail value) $69.99

(7)6 foot long Pro-link Monster Standard cable (Retail Value) $29.99

(8)Brand new Jim Dunlop, Jazz III(24) picks, and Snarling dog (12) picks(Retail value) $29.99

(9) Brand new Marshall MS-2 Mini guitar amplifier (Retail value) $59.99

(10) Entire Guitar Grimoire book series (Retail value) $160.00

(11) Brand new Gibson polish with cloth (Retail value) $9.99

(12) 10 foot Guitar cable (Retail value) $29.99







Comfortable asymmetrical neck is Plek-dressed.

Crank up a Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar and experience power and performance that has more than 40 years of craftsmanship and innovation behind it.

Pioneered and developed with the assistance of legendary jazz-pop guitarist Les Paul-one of the world's greatest musical and technological pioneers-the Gibson Les Paul has become the standard by which all electric guitars are judged. With fat, rich tone and incredible sustain, the Les Paul guitar lends itself to every style and generation of music. From the sweetest jazz to the heaviest rock and metal, the Les Paul is a guitar that can do it all-it is one of the most powerful and versatile instruments of all time.

The Les Paul Standard Guitar debuted in 1952 as Gibson's first solidbody guitar, and has evolved over the course of time to stand today as the benchmark for all electric guitars.

The Les Paul Standard continues to alter and inspire the sounds of today's ever-changing musical landscapes. It features a hand-carved AA maple top with matched chambered mahogany back outlined with single-ply binding. The neck is crafted from a single piece of mahogany. Carefully glued into the neck cavity of the body, the neck functions as a single unit with the body. Its asymmetrical shape is the most comfortable neck offered on a Les Paul Standard.

Burstbucker Pro pickups containing Alnico V magnets wound to vintage specs and with wax potting deliver original "Patent Applied For" tone.

All Les Paul Standard necks receive precision fret dressing and setup with the Plek system. As the guitar lies in a cradle, a computer-controlled robot arm moves along the neck measuring each fret's height, the fingerboard radius, even the bow in the neck. Using that data, the Plek machine adjusts the truss rod, cuts the nut slots for optimal spacing and height for each string, files each fret to a hundredth of a millimeter accuracy, and then polishes the frets. In a fraction of the time it takes a skilled technician, the Plek machine eliminates buzzing strings and dead spots, producing a neck with flawless intonation and superb action.

NOTE: To give you a choice of how your Les Standard should look, the pickguard is not attached but included in the case. To install the pickguard, holes will need to be drilled into the body.

Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar Features:

  • Body Wood: Chambered mahogany

  • Top wood: Plain maple

  • Scale Length: 24-3/4"

  • Neck Joint: Set-in

  • Neck Wood: Mahogany

  • Fretboard: Rosewood

  • Plek'd on Gibson PLek Machine

  • Neck Shape: Asymetrical

  • Frets: 22

  • Nut Width: 1.695"

  • Fretboard Radius: 12"

  • Bridge: TonePros locking Nashville Tune-O-Matic

  • Tailpiece: Locking TonePros

  • Pickup Bridge: Burstbucker Pro with Alnico V

  • Pickup Neck: Burstbucker Pro with Alnico V

  • Controls: 2 volume, 2 tone with gold-plated Bourns-designed pots, 3-way pickup selector

  • Tuners: Locking Grover

  • Strap locks: Dunlop

  • Jack: Neutrik locking

  • Hardware: Chrome

  • Binding: top and neck
  • Finish: Lacquer

Marshall MG 15 CDR Amplifier

The sturdy, compact Marshall MG15CDR 15 Watt Combo Amp with Reverb boasts 2 channels, a custom-voiced 8" speaker, and 15W of Marshallized power. Its clean channel will give you shimmering clean tones, and when cranked produces a musical crunch perfect for blues. The overdrive channel kicks in a bunch of the distortion that has made the Marshall name. 3-band EQ. Spring reverb. Emulated headphone output gives you great tone and mutes the speaker. Includes CD input.

Marshall MG15CDR 15 Watt Combo Amp with Reverb Features:

  • 15W of power

  • Custom-voiced 8" speaker

  • 2 channels: clean and overdrive

  • Contour control radically modifies the midrange, from traditional to scooped modern

  • 3-band EQ

  • Spring reverb

  • CD input for jamming along purposes

  • Emulated line out for recording

  • Emulated headphone jack for silent practice

  • Compact and sturdy design


The Ultimate Guitar Gilmoire Series :

The Guitar Grimoire - Scales and Modes
List Price: $22.95
The most complete book on scales and modes ever written. An encyclopedia with over 6,000 diagrams, charts and graphs. Complete explanation of all 5,6,7, and 8 tone scales and modes. The essential volume for every guitarist's library.

This book is a "where to" book, showing you exactly where to find any scale in any key on your fretboard. It is a professional reference tool to enhance your music library and playing that you will use for many years to come.

The Guitar Grimoire - Chords and Voicing
List Price: $24.95
Every chord of every key and mode is presented with thousands of diagrams and charts. Includes polychords, chord substitutions, inversions and movable voicings.

This indispensable volume belongs in every guitarist's library.

This book is a "where to" book, showing you exactly where to find any chord in any key on your fretboard. It is a professional reference tool to enhance your music library and playing that you will use for many years to come.

The Guitar Grimoire - Progressions and Improvisation
List Price: $27.95
This long awaited volume is the most thoroughly exhaustive compendium of chord progressions ever published. Literally filled with hundreds of exercises and thousands of diagrams accompanied by Kadmon's unique presentation, ths book completely examines the craft and universe of progressions.

Improvisation and compositional technique are explained and interwoven to create a virtual encyclopedia of melodic and chordal possibilities, styles, dimensions and potentials.

The Guitar Gilmoire: The Exercise Book

List price: $ 29.95

This book is the most extensive, thorough, and exhaustive compendium of exercises for the guitar EVER published. It does not disappoint! Adam Kadmon has placed the entire foundation of dexterity and physical technique in this one book.

This tome is the essential collection of new and proven exercises that build strength, endurance, control, and timing as assembled and created by the author of the renowned Guitar Grimoire series.

This isn't just a book, it's a 248-page reference guide!

The Guitar Grimoire - Chord Encyclopedia
List Price $26.95

This compendium contains thousands of chords, diagrams and charts organized by best selling guitar author Adam Kadmon.

There is no other chord book published that contains the information and organization of materials that this volume has.

All chords from three note structures to elaborate tonal constellations are presented with:

1. Open fingering charts

2. Movable fingering charts

3. Intervallic formula charts

4. Charts organized in harmonic formation sequence

The Bass Grimoire - Complete

List Price: $19.95
You already know what it is if you're here! Literally the best bass book in the business. This professional reference tool contains thousands of diagrams, charts, illustrations and fretboard patterns along with clear and concise theory and instruction.


Marshall® Marshall MS-2 Mini Guitar Amplifier

Brand new Marshall® Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp. You can take Marshall tone and vibe with you with the Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp. Classic Marshall grille cloth; crunchy distortion; and plenty of volume for good, clean fun. Controls for overdrive, tone, and volume. Powered by one 9V battery. The Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp includes belt clip and headphone jack. 5-3/4" high.

Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp Features:

· Authentic Marshall look

· Crankin' overdrive

· Tone and volume controls

· Headphone jack

Vox amPlug Classic Rock Headphone Amplifier

The Vox amPlug is a headphone amp that can help you to create the perfect practice session. The tiny amPlug plugs directly into your guitar-then just plug in your headphones and relish some great Vox tone.

Jamming late at night? Don't want to wake the neighbors? Maybe you want to work out a lick with your MP3 player without taking the time to set up your amp. If you want to play guitar right now, amPlug is the answer. Simply plug this palm-sized headphone guitar amp directly into your guitar, and enjoy serious guitar sound anywhere, anytime.

Even with its ultra-compact size, the Vox amPlug perfectly reproduces the complex and warm distortion that is distinctive of a vacuum tube, as well as the powerful high gain produced by a large amp stack. Using analog modeling technology, amPlug delivers full-fledged amp sound.

Even the circuit response of the original amp is simulated completely. The simulation extends not only to the response of the tone circuits, but also to the way in which the high frequency and gain are affected when you turn down the volume control of the guitar. Every detail has been faithfully reproduced.

amPlug can be used in numerous ways. With up to fifteen hours of battery life, it's easy to take amPlug anywhere. In addition to practicing at home, it's a great way to warm up before a live performance or on the road. And amPlug is not just a convenient way to get great guitar sound. There's also an AUX input jack so you can jam along with your CD/MP3 player.

Classic Rock gives you the great high-gain sound of a UK-made 100W amp, and uses four classical gain circuits to deliver that great sound.

Also available in AC30, that emulates the AC30 top boost sound of a vintage VOX AC30, and Metal, based on a California-made high-gain amplifier head.

Vox amPlug Classic Rock Headphone Amp Features:

  • Plugs directly into your guitar a great-sounding headphone guitar amp that gives you serious sound fast.

  • AUX in jack lets you jam along with your CD/MP3 player.

  • 100% analog circuit faithfully simulates the response of the original amps.

  • Up to 15 hours of battery life with two Alkaline AAA batteries.

  • Quick and easy setup! Just connect amPlug to your guitar and enjoy serious sound.

  • With its completely analog design, great care was also taken with amPlug's gain circuitry.


gibson les paul standard 103871504436096941 New 2009 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar Deal Must See
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