Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top P-90 1956 Reissue R6
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Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top P-90 1956 Reissue R6


gibson les paul standard 328962906041167680 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top P 90 1956 Reissue R6

My beloved Gibson Les Paul Gold Top '56 reissue Guitar is on sale AGAIN, as you have probably noticed.
This guitar is relisted, because it was bought and not paid by an "expert", than it was bought and not paid by another "expert".
So this seems to be a very seductive guitar, especially for poor guitarists..... ; - )

As all guitars on ebay seem to be "KILLERS" and have "PHANTASTIC TONE", I will try to describe the musical capability of this fine instrument in a slightly different way:

RAW BLUES POWER. John Lee Hooker, Neil Young. You get the idea....

In combination with its genuine fat BOOTLEG NECK you will have a massive, singing tone with a lot of harmonics. There was a
certain reason, that I played this instrument for 11 years, nearly every day.

Those, who appreciate GIBSON products, will know, what this instrument is.

Some details worth and necessary to mention pertaining the neck:

- completely straight,
- headstock has NO cigarette burn marks....
- Scratches on the back (see picture).
- Laquer thinned out on back of neck


- Laquer chipped away (see picture)
- Some Scratches (see picture)


- NUT: plastic nut replaced with a custom figured bone nut,
done by my trusted luthier
- PLASTIC cable jack plate replaced with STEEL jack plate
- Steel stop-tail piece: replaced with vintage aluminum
- Original greasy cheap lousy Capacitors:
replaced with JENSEN paper-in-oil capacitors.

If you wish, I can drop in a pair of VINTAGE SPRAGUE paper caps, as well, for the winning bidder.
And, of course, the winning bidder can have the ORIGINAL STEEL STOP TAIL PIECE.

I would like to sell this instrument to real musicians and not to "EXPERTS".

Thank you for watching.

This is a used Gibson Les Paul 1950 GOLDTOP '56 reissue electric guitar with P-90 pickups from the HISTORIC COLLECTION R6 from 1998.
It is in good condition and comes with its original black Gibson leather clad hard case.

Model name: Gibson Les Paul Standard 1956 Gold Top reissue Guitar,
Historic Collection
Body style: single-cutaway, carved top Les Paul
Body wood: mahogany, dark back
Finish: worn nitrocellulose lacquer
Headstock Inlay: Gibson Logo
Silkscreen: Gibson Logo + Les Paul Standard Model
Truss Rod: Gibson Adjustable Truss Rod
Truss Rod: Cover Bell-shaped cover
Neck: mahogany
Neck profile: FAT '50s BOOTLEG
Neck joint: set
Fingerboard: rosewood
Fingerboard inlays: figured acrylic trapezoids
Hardware plating: nickel
Tuners: Grover Kluson style green keys
Pickups: P90 with cream covers
Pickup selector: 3-way
Controls: volume, volume, tone, tone
Knobs: cream top hats
Pickguard: cream
Bridge: ABR-1
Tailpiece: stopbar, ORIGINAL STEEL, replaced with vintage ALUMINUM

All PAPERS come with the Guitar.

As certain customers have asked for a written authentification, the so-called "COA", the definite answer is:
There was no such paper in 1998 issued by GIBSON, in no case. Period. This is the fact, regardless how much we wish, the would have supplied one. SO: NADA. NON.NIENTE.NULL.ZERO.
So, please do not ask for one, I will not falsify one for you.
BUT: Checking the serial number assures you the authenticity; and, of course, you can contact GIBSON, as well.



GERMANY: 6,90 €

EU, Scandiavia, UK, Hungary (of course): 25 USD


USA, Canada, Near East : 68 USD

South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Ozeania: 83 USD$

NO shipment to Russian Federation, Ukraine, Romania.

gibson les paul standard 328962906041167681 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top P 90 1956 Reissue R6
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