Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar
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Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar


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Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

This auction is for a Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar.

These markings are on the item which may help in correctly identifying it. The guitar is in good condition with no signs of damage. The case is also in good condition. The guitar is all original Gibson parts, it is golden yellow in color, has a separate body, the neck is straight. It was made in Nashville or Memphis on the 79th day (Mar 20) of 07' being the 356 stamped out of the first batch made that day. Gibson's serial number 007971356 is YDDDYBPPP: year 07 day 079 batch 1 production # 356. Also included is a pick guard, but the guitar hasn't been drilled for them.

This item is used.

The amount billed for shipping and handling will be based upon these package details:

  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Length: 48 inches.
  • Width: 8 inches.
  • Height: 18 inches.
  • Originating Postal Code: 59405
  • Handling: $9.27.
  • Insurance: Insurance will be purchased for the amount of winning bid.

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