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Gibson Les Paul Standard 1973 Inc Hard Case. Small Logo Standard


gibson les paul standard 336851807593693310 Gibson Les Paul Standard 1973 Inc Hard Case. Small Logo Standard

Listed here for auction is a super-rare Gibson Les Paul Standard from 1973. To get one of these required a factory special order. You could only get the Deluxe or Custom
between 1968 and the mid 70s, when everybody REALLY wanted a Standard!

These models are now known as "Small logo Standard", which refers to the small typeface on the truss rod cover compared to the usual one we are all familiar with.

This guitar has had a LOT of work done on it. Multiple repairs.The binding has cracks nearly everywhere. The headstock was cracked, and repaired successfully. The heel was cracked at the neck to body joint, and repaired successfully. The control route was broken in a couple of places, and repaired successfully. And the maple top was cracked at the pot holes, and repaired successfully! Then the top was refinished in Tobacco burst . . . It now feels nice and smooth. The back of the body looks awful though.

If you are after a cool vintage Gibson Les Paul and are not concerned about cosmetics this could be just what you need!

Yes, this guitar looks like it has had a hard life. Having said that, I can tell you why someone went to all the trouble of repairing it, besides the rarity value, it sounds INCREDIBLE ! It has a great low action, two 1973 fullsized Gibson tarback humbuckers that really crank, super rosewood fretboard with no damage to it and the back of the slim mahogany neck is in great condition too.

It has all original third week of 1973 volume and tone pots, and original long travel bridge that was only seen on Les Pauls around 73-74. Yes, I think the bridge is original! (but dont quote me on it).

Truss rod works well if you need to change string gauge. It currently has 9s on it. Frets have been replaced, so too have the tuning machines (Grovers) and switch. Serial number is 102116.

Like I said before, it plays and sounds GREAT ! The tones from the two pickups are jaw dropping! It might have something to do with the reversed neck pickup. If you dont like it that way its too bad, because the lead is too short to turn it round.

It is a middleweight compared to most 70s Les Pauls weighing in at 9 pounds on my scales.

This is not a routed out Deluxe, it is a Factory Standard. All the repairs are solid and will not fall apart, ever! Seriously, it feels just as strong as any I have had.

Comes with the red lined Gibson hard case seen in the pics. This case also looks shafted! the tolex covering is torn and blistered, been too close to a fire obviously, yet again, having said that, ALL the clasps and hinges are present and correct. The handle needs replacing though.

Remember before you bid, this guitar is not a pristine showpiece!

Email me with any questions, I'm never too busy to talk about guitars.

Will send this anywhere in the world, I have no problem with overseas sales. I've sold many guitars worldwide and they have all arrived in one piece so don't worry about packing or delivery, I know what I'm doing!

I prefer bank transfer for fastest transaction. Cash, cheque etc. I Will take paypal Echeque. Paypal (if you are not in any kind of hurry.)

UK Postage and Packing £30.
Europe Postage and Packing £80 via Euro 48HR.
America Postage and Packing £130 via International Datapost.
Japan Postage and Packing £130 via International Datapost.

Avoid postal charges by collecting in person after payment clears!

Good luck bidders!

Check out my other auctions for More Cool Stuff!

gibson les paul standard 336851807593693311 Gibson Les Paul Standard 1973 Inc Hard Case. Small Logo Standard
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