Gibson Historic 1959 Michael Bloomfield Vos Les Paul Standard Reissue 59 Ri
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Gibson Historic 1959 Michael Bloomfield Vos Les Paul Standard Reissue 59 Ri


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from my personal collection!


This is an outstanding Gibson Historic Michael Bloomfield 1959 Les Paul Reissue. This run of MB VOS LP's is among our favorite for a number of reasons. The biggest one is Gibson finally nailed the real vintage 1959 Neck Carve, its a nice fat C, instead of a clunky sharp D shape neck. That is accurate and it makes a huge difference over regular historic 1959 LP's. We love the flame top on this one too, very accurate and pops up from every angle. Guitar is in Near Mint condition with a couple small marks on the back, otherwise the top, neck, and frets are all perfect. Guitar comes with everything shown including COA and original HSC. Guitar is in 100% original collector condition. If wanting to ship Internationally, please refer to the table below, and not the price within the auction.

Thanks very much for looking, questions are welcome and happily answered. We take high definition pictures and have 100% feedback, beware of sellers using the ebay hosting because you can't zoom in on the photos (ASK if you want more photos of something.) We take tons of pictures so you can see every detail! TRADES AND OFFERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!


Why Buy From ME? - PLEASE read (Very IMPORTANT)

  • WE UNDERSTAND HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO BUY A GUITAR ONLINE. Every Guitar I sell has been handpicked personally by me and a piece I consider to be part of my personal collection. Established in 2007, We
    Buy, Sell, Trade, Locate and Appraise fine musical instruments. We are also proud to offer consignment and layaway services. (Layaway not eligible in no reserve auction formats) - Feel free to email us, even if just to say hello.We promise you will find our no hassle, no pressure approach to be a refreshing change from the money hungry guitar buying experience we have all been exposed to. WE LOVE TRADES.
  • As a guitar player first and foremost, I love helping people discover their sound. The sound we seek is a journey. My journey has led me to share my experience knowledge with you. Please inquire about our consignment services or our free locate service. We will help you track down your dream guitar for free, with no obligation. We are just constantly in touch with musicians and being able to help players deal with players, creates a winning situation for everyone involved.
  • I will personally respond faster than anyone else you will find on ebay. WE LOVE QUESTIONS and generally respond within 15 minutes (when emailed directly, given time zone constraints) - Remember an educated buyer is a happy customer, so fire away!
  • We use the Vintage Guitar Price guide Guitar Condition Grading Scale for our condition estimates. Those are as follows. New, Mint, Near Mint, Excellent (+/-), Very Good (+/-), Good, and Fair. If you aren't familiar with this scale, please email before bidding. The scale is based on interpretation but is considered the industry standard in the guitar world and is relied upon by dealers and players alike.

International and Domestic Shipping (Please read before emailing)

DOMESTIC (CONUS) - Shipping is Expensive! My shipping cost within the USA is $50. I only ship Fedex because they are the best in my opinion they are the best about insurance claims. $50 is the MINIMUM shipping costs me, I often lose money on shipping because of Fedex Fuel surcharges, shipping across the country, shipping boxes ($7 per box) and materials ($4 per box) ... I am very fair with shipping charges, thats why I have maintained a nearly 5 star rating!

INTERNATIONAL - I am now able to ship USPS to most locations. International customers must have confirmed paypal addresses and have at least 10 positive feedback ratings. I do not ship to Africa. Customs duties are the responsibility of the buyer, but I can declare a lower value so long as the customer understands the risks and eliminates me of all liability therein. If you would like a FEDEX quote for International (generally 2.5x USPS) please email me. If USPS not listed below, please email me for a quote (include your entire address) IMPORTANT TO KNOW - Insurance value is paid for by me externally (3.00 per $100 insured value) and is included in the cost below, however, its not included on the actual shipping documents so it may appear cheaper than it actually costs.

CANADA - $85 via Priority / $145 via Express
UNITED KINGDOM - $130 via Priority / $170 via Express
CENTRAL EUROPE - $135 via Priority / $195 via Express
MIDDLE EAST - $200 via Priority / $245 via Express
AUSTRALIA - $145 via Priority / $195 via Express


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