Epiphone Japan Limited Les Paul Standard Fujigen Gibson Rare Made In Japan
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Epiphone Japan Limited Les Paul Standard Fujigen Gibson Rare Made In Japan


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solemettere Store

Thank You for looking at my auction!

There are a lot of detailed pictures below so that you could see the item closely and check the condition and so on.

If you are still interested in the item after checking the pictures, please read the description below the pictures which includes the shipping, terms/condition and so on.

*****We ship the item to Europe, Oceania, Asia, Middle East and North Soth Asia.******
You could check the shipping fee at Shipping and DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT SHIPPING

*****Per gli utenti di eBay italiano/To Italian eBayer*****Ti ringrazio per il tuo interesse. Se tu non sai bene l'inglese, cioe' non capisci bene la descrizione di sotto, non esitare a chiedermi qualsiasi domanda in italiano!! Parlo io italiano (ma non molto bene), quindi provo di risponderti nella lingua vostra/ in italiano!! Grazie.This auction is for a Epiphone Japan Limited Les Paul Standard with nitrocellulose lacquer finish.
According to the following web site:www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx , this guitar was produced in Korea, but judging from the headstock and my research, I believe this one was made in Japan by Fujigen factory which is famous factory produced Fender Japan early models, Ibanez Japanese-made models, many of Orville and so on.
The serial number starts with a number (not a alphabetical letter): As far as I did the research, all Epiphone Les Paul models have the serial numbers starting with an alphabetical letter(s) which show(s) the manufacturing factory except that some of Japanese made ones from Fujigen factory have serial numbers starting with a number like this one's .
And this guitar has a vintage style Epiphone logo on the headstock which shows that this one is one of the LQ series issued years ago and has nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

Weight: approx 4.9 kg / 10.8 lb
Neck widt at nut: 43 mm / 1.69 in
Neck profile: similer to 58's fat neck.
Condition of the itemThere are some scratches, dents and finish chips as you can see in the photos above, but most of them are on the side the back of the body, so the front of the body is quite clean.
The neck looks straight.
Tuners work fine and the electrics are good.
The frets show minimal wear for its age.
Before listing on eBay, I cleaned it up and set it up as far as possible.AccessoriesComes with a non-original soft gig bag in used condition.**Please read the "++TERMS/CONDITION OF ITEM++" section below for full details of the items grade or condition before placing a bid or clicking "By it now" button!!, Thank You.
Tax and Duties:* International Buyers Please Note:
Before placing a bid or clicking the "Buy it now" button PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW:
* Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price. These charges are the buyers responsibility.
** The auction winner/buyer is responsible for ALL and ANY applicable taxes and duties levied by their government.
*** please enquire with your local customs or post office for detailed information regarding your countrys import duties to determine what these additional costs may be prior to bidding/buying because I cant be responsible for these charges as Im sure you can appreciate.
Payment:Only PayPal is accepted.
The auction winner must pay the winning bid and the shipping fee.
The payment must be made within 4 days after the end of the auction.Packaging:The guitar will be packed with great care in bubble wrap and posted in a thick cardboard box for the safest shipping.Shipping:* I ship during Japanese business hours (Monday - Friday except on Japanese holidays) by EMS with full insurance.Asia...US$137North America/Central America (Second Zone)..........US$173Oceania (Second Zone).........US$173Middle East (Second Zone) ..........US$173Europe (Second Zone)..........US$192South America (Third Zone)..........US$303**Please see the section "++DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT SHIPPING++" at the end of the page**


NOTICE /TERMSPlease read the following items before bidding or purchasing. If you dont accept all of them then please do not bid or purchase.++TERMS/CONDITION OF ITEM++
Please read the following items before bidding or purchasing. If you dont accept all of them then please do not bid or purchase.Condition of the guitar:
Almost all of the guitars in my store are not a brand new, but a used one, so they wont always be in "PERFECT" condition. This can be especially true of "VINTAGE" guitars that have had many years of use and because of this they can sometimes have issues with playability, so for many reasons they may need care and maintenance before reaching an optimal playing condition. Please read the following detailed information that should always be considered when buying a used guitar.*NeckNowadays a lot of guitar players know the term "JV" (Japan Vintage) and that the values of guitars made in and around the JV era are getting higher. I am glad and proud as a Japanese person that these guitars were made by expert crafstmen with selected materials and I totally agree with the reputation that these guitars have earned. However, in Japan, there is a significant humidity difference throught the year which can have a bad influence on the materials in guitars if they are not well kept carefully maintained. Additionally these guitars were often purchased by beginners or students and can tend to be poorly treated without ever having any maintenance. Sometimes they are stored away for ages after a very short period of use, as a result it is often the case that they have issue's about the neck.I have played guitar for many years and all the guitars in my store were listed only after I checked played them personally. All of the guitars in my store passed the normal standards/my standards unless particularly stated otherwise.
However that does not mean "perfect" condition as most guitars in the world have some issue be it a scratch or a break. Additionally, the pressure change, humidity change and change in temperature have a bad influence on the guitars during the shipping or after arriving in your country so they may need some adjustment before playing. *FretsAs the guitars are used the frets are worn more or less. I cannot say 70% or 80% left or something like that,,,,,because who can count the degree in a precise way? So please check the degree by the pictures. If the guitar needs refreting or if there is any defect with the frets (judging by my standards) it will be stated in the description.
*(Fret /String) BuzzI check the Fret (String) Buzz by picking normally with light gauge strings (009-046), adjusting the bottom string height (low E) to 2.00mm and the top string height (high E) to 1.7mm
The guitars are used, so slight buzz could occur. If the fret buzz of the guitar is above the normal standard, the detail is described in the description of the guitar.
Anyway, how you feel the fret buzz depends on the player, so any requests to settle repair fee is not accepted.*Cosmetic conditionAs the guitars are used, they might have a number of dents, scratches, blemishes, chips and so on. Unlesss they are in mint or near mint condition, you cannot describe all of them, so please judge the condition by the pictures.*Electrical partsALL the electrical parts work fine unless there is a particiular fault in which case it will be mentioned in the description, but they might have a slight scratchy sound.*Tax and dutiesAs stated above, the auction winner or the buyer is responsible for any and all applicable taxes and duties levied by their government.
Before placing a bid or clicking "Buy it now" button, please enquire with your local customs for detailed information.
*ReturnPlease check the guitar within two days of it being delivered to you.
If it differs significantly from the description I will accept the return.
Payment made for returned goods and the outward shipping fee you paid will be refunded to you within three business days after the guitar is returned and checked by me on recieved. Please note that any return freight charges, taxes /or duties you pay for returning an item are not settled.*Insurance for transportationThe insurance of EMS would cover any damage, loss or the robbery/theft of an item during transportation.
The EMS insurance reimbursements might take more than a month to process.
++My Attitude toward business transactionsAs a seller, I do not want to disappoint any buyers when they receiving an item and check it.*Other conditionIf you are new to eBay and have zero feedback or have negative feedback, please contact me before bidding and provide me with your name and your email address for PayPal or your bid will be withdrawn.

DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT SHIPPING*To Asia (First Zone) ..............US$137such as China (People's Rep.), Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea (Rep.), Malaysia, Saipan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and so on.
*To North America/Central America (Second Zone)..........US$173such as United States, Canada, Mexico and so on.*To Oceania (Second Zone).........US$173such as Australia, New Zealandv*To Middle East (Second Zone) ..........US$173such as United Arab Emirates, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Bahrain, Cyprus, Jordan, Kuwait and so on.*To Europe (Second Zone)..........US$192such as Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom and so on.*To South America (Third Zone)..........US$303such as Brazil, Chile and so on.

The fees above are by EMS (Express Mail Service) via Japan Post Office from Japan.
EMS is the cheapest, safest and fastest of all safe shipping methods from Japan
*It will takes 3 to 6 days from JAPAN to USA, CANADA, ASIA, and 5 to 10 days to AUSTRALIA and EUROPE.
*You can check the status via Track Trace (The EMS Tracking Service)

*Insurance and the handling charge are included in the shipping fee.

*Some countries and some regions are not covered by EMS. If the shipping address is not covered by EMS, it needs another shipping method and additional charge.
++Please specify which zone your country belongs to and also please check if the shipping address is covered by EMS++ http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/country/index_en.html

++Combine Shipment Discount++Combined shipping will be provided for multiple purchases to save on shipping fees. The rate is dependant on the combined weight of the items.
If you like to know it before bidding please let me know the item's listing numbers and I will let you know the combined shipping rate/fee.Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions.Thanks a lot for looking and good luck!

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