2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded Killer Top With Upgrades
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2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded Killer Top With Upgrades


gibson les paul standard 330672906123539900 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded Killer Top With Upgrades

2005 Les Paul Standard Faded

This guitar is great. I'll assume if you're looking at this, you know a bit about it, so I'll hit on what makes this guitar unique.

First of all, look at that flame top! This top is amazing because it MOVES in 3d.. from some angles it's not there at all, and from others its AAAAA. Find a Better Top...I've not seen one!

It has a solid (Weight relieved) Body like all the Les Pauls since the mid 80's. None of this chambered hollowbody nonsense. I believe this was the last or second to last year for a solid body faded. According to my bathroom scale, it's 8lbs 10oz.

It's worn in, the nickel is starting to look aged, the neck is getting silky (No wear through on finish anywhere though). It has a few bumps here and there, i've included the only two I could get to show up in photographs as a close up.

It has the fast 60's neck. You can't get that on any new les paul, or any of the later fadeds.

The finish has been polished out with the Virtuoso guitar polish and cleaning system, giving it a nice warm vintage sheen instead of the dull lifeless finish these came with stock.

I'm a tone hound, all my guitars get the following upgrades, this one was no different:


Fitted for Schaller Strap Locks

Faber Tone Lock Tailpiece Studs: Faber "Tone-Lock" Locking STEEL Studs/Spacer Rings: Pro Sustainer System, superior tailpiece locking solution. Solid "No Gap" technology locks tailpiece to studs for superior sustain, even when raised off the body.

Faber Steel Bridge Studs: These solid steel conversion studs replace the zinc inserts driven into your guitar, they thread into the wood like a real 50's les paul for optimum tone transfer and sustain.

RS Guitarworks Pots and Caps: Great clarity, tone, and optimum custom tapers on the volume and tone pots for smooth swells and easy adjustments.

These upgrades weren't cheap, and they do make a difference. Pickups are stock Burstbucker Pro's, but I've added official gibson nickel covers because they look awesome.

The pickguard is a screwless design that doesn't leave nasty holes in the guitar, and is a more authentic color than the barbie pink gibson has been churning out.

All sales final so ask any and all questions before you bid. Payment via Paypal due within 48 hours of auction close. Open to US Lower 48 bidders only. Zero and negative feedback bidders must email prior to bidding or your bid will be removed. Seller reserves the right to end the auction early regardless of bids as this guitar is also for sale locally. Shipping via UPS ground insured for full value of sale (no exceptions). Good Luck and happy bidding!

gibson les paul standard 330672906123539901 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded Killer Top With Upgrades
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