1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard Double Cutaway Dc
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1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard Double Cutaway Dc


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1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard Double Cutaway (Doublecut,DC), first year of issue, with all of the best appointments. Trans Amber AAA tiger-striped maple top. Chambered mohagany body for light weight. All gold hardware including Grover tuners. Nearly flawless,with some near impossible to see very light scratches. I bought it used several years ago from the originalowner who was not a guitar player. It has mostly remained in the case since then, taken out and played for an hour or so occasionally, and never played outside the home. A true "case queen". A collector's dream. A player's dream.

The pictures areindicative of the condition of thisinstrument, but they are darker than in reality. A camera cannot do justice.There are some all but impossible to photograph, very slight scratches on the back, on the gold pickup covers, and on the headstock around the string trees. These are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye more than a couple feet from the guitar. One has to hold it “just right in the light” to see them. I will continue to try to photograph them to have available if anyone wants to see them. Very slight. Almost a nitpick to mention. One of the pictures appears to show a longitudinal dent in a pickup cover under one of the strings. It does not exist, a camera artifact only.

This is a first year of issue Les Paul Standard Double Cutaway. It has the arched maple top typical of all Standards. These were in production for a few years, out of production for a few years, and were recently reissued. This color and these appointments, and all of the other original colors,are unavailable on the reissues. I included a few stock Gibson Guitars photos of their current double cutaway offerings. I think this original far outshines those in appearance and appointments.

Yes, the price is very high in this auction. I believe this guitar will only increase in value through the coming years. The “twin” of this one sold on eBay a few months back for $2105. The reissues go for $1699 for the Les Paul StandardDouble Cutaway with Carved Maple Gold Top, $1999 for the same guitar in White or Black,$2499 - $2799 for the flat topped Les Paul Specials and $1299 for the Les Paul Junior Specials atthe big-box music stores, and in my very humble opinion are nowhere near as nice as the earlier ones, at least the ones in this particular color- Amber and Gold Tiger Stripes. YIKES!!

Neither players nor collectors will be disappointed with this Les Paul Standard DC.

Payment is via PayPal only, and is expected within 48 hours of the end of the auction. Standard shipping and mandatory insurance is $80.00, and is paid by the winner of the auction. HOWEVER, if actual charges amount to less than $80.00 the difference will be refunded to the purchaser. Shipping occurs same or next day after PayPal confirms deposit of funds into my account.


Thank you for your interest, and be sure to check my feedback.

NOTE: Because, item is for sale locally, I reserve the right to reject any and all bids and to end the auction early if item is sold locally prior to end of auction.

gibson les paul standard 323652006271618611 1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard Double Cutaway Dc
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