1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard Natural Maple Near Mint
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1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard Natural Maple Near Mint


gibson les paul standard 329933207597868080 1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard Natural Maple Near Mint

I am relisting this great guitar as I have been stiffed by the non paying winner. As a result, because he was a zero feedback buyer, I must now insist all bidders have 6 or more feedback. Any bidders with under 6 feedback MUST contact me first to show that they are serious, otherwise I will cancel all such bids. One bad bidder has ruined it for everyone else who has no OR low feedback--my apologies to you. Now on to the instrument....
Amazing quality, near-mint for its age, vintage 1982 Les Paul Standard with natural maple top, in pristine condition, except for items noted later in description. All original parts/electronics and original hardshell case. Made at Nashville plant, with that real vintage sound only years and age can provide-warm, buttery sound suitable for classic rock and blues.. Serial #83272509. Bought it from original owner years ago but have basically kept it stored in its case in my climate controlled den. It's not been refinished or changed in any way, has a nice flat finish on the top that enhances the age. Very low action, just superb.
Only things to keep it from being mint would be minor cloth or finger nail rubbing marks, on maple top and back of body. All can be polished out very easily, I cannot even get the camera to capture them they are so fine/slight. There are probably three small pimple like depressions along the binding edge, hard to notice or feel but 1 area only where it seems there are a couple ding type marks together, which I have tried to show in the photograph. Also, some minor oxidization on a couple of the abalone inlays and the highest 7 frets that could be polished out out if you restring the guitar. I personally like the aged effect of those but that's just me. It is not severe, and I hope the picture captures the effect. Original guitar case is in excellent condition as well. Doesn't seem like this guitar has been gigged by previous owner, and certainly not by me. Seriously, for an almost 30 year guitar, this thing looks like it's only a few years old, that is what kind of great condition it is in.

It is a very heavy guitar as well, weighing close to 10lbs so it has that great solid body sound to go along with its fine looks. It is a stunner in every aspect.
I will ship to Europe and North America, and most locations around the world as long as you are a confirmed Paypal buyer. If you pay by other means like wire transfer, I will ship to you as well. I will only ship by trackable courier service like UPS or Fed Ex, unless you have your own account with a shipping company. I estimate North American shipping costs to be between $80-$120 depending on where you are.
Due to numerous request from European buyers, I have now decided I can ship by Postal Service since it seems to be a little cheaper (approx $250-$300). Be aware that shipping by postal service only lets me insure for a maximum of $675.UPS would cost between $400-$500. Contact me for exact quote.
Since I am in Canada, Ebay won't let me calculate shipping to N. American locations so I have just put a random amount of $75. This will not be the final shipping cost, unless it is by fluke.
Buyers are responsible for all local taxes that either UPS or Fed Ex has to collect if this goes out of Canada. These are not payable to me, this is paid by you to the courier and to your local gov't. I can declare for low value should you wish to pay less taxes, etc, but that means I can not insure for full winning auction amount.
Any other questions please ask. I hate to let this go, but I am selling guitars I absolutely don't play much as I am moving in a few months.
Very low preserve price--if I can't sell it for that, then it won't leave my possession!

gibson les paul standard 329933207597868081 1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard Natural Maple Near Mint
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