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Andrewabr Store

For auction is a very rare 1980 Gibson Les Paul
Heritage Series Standard 80 Elite, with the original case. For all the
Gibson collectors out there I doubt you will ever have this chance
again so don't let this one get away from you. The Elite 80 is a thing
of beauty from its unmatched looks to its impressive sound. I had to do
a ton of research to make sure this one was a legit Elite 80 and
everything checks out perfectly. A great way to check is to make sure
that the logo has the closed B and O which this one for sure has. The
forums mentioned these came with the Shaw Pafs and they sound huge.
They are stamped in black ink on the bottom so I do believe they are
original. The weight on this is right around 9.5 pounds. If you are
looking for a guitar that really has captured that LP tone and noted
sustain I don't think many Gibsons can beat this one. I like playing
off of the bridge with for higher gain rock leads and then for chords I
usually will roll off the tone a bit and use the neck. I tend to find
the newer standards can get muddy at times but I have no issues like
that at all with this LP. The ebony board is in good shape and it looks
like it had a pro refret job. Now lets talk about the finish because
its a show stopper everytime it came out of its case. These only came
in honey burst or cherry burst and this one definitely seems to look
like a honey burst. Over the last 3 decades it has really darkened into
an ember burst highly figured top and the binding is becoming a rich
cream color. Over all condition for its age is fair to good. The front
has some dings and the back has buckle rash so it was not a closet dust
gatherer. Also I had my guitar repair guy check out the neck because it
had a headstock repair as you can see in the pictures. He said it was a
very good job and does not need any further maintenance. I am not sure if the tuners are original but they do work with no issues at all. This has the
rarer one piece neck and it is in good shape with just some small
dings. The Elite 80 is a wonderful example of Gibson's top notch work
during the early 80s and I hope someone enjoys it as much as I have. I will ship worldwide but if it is sold over seas I will only ship USPS
Global Express Guaranteed so I can insure it. Make sure the country you
reside in will accept a box that is 46"x19"x7". Email me any questions
and make sure to check out my other auctions this week. Please be able to pay within 48 hours after auction. To see the rest of my inventory google recyclerock. Good Luck!

gibson les paul standard 216052805410274911 1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Series Standard 80 Elite
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