1973 Gibson Les Paul Standard Std Goldtop Gold Top Vintage Electric Guitar Mint
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1973 Gibson Les Paul Standard Std Goldtop Gold Top Vintage Electric Guitar Mint


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Item Details

For your consideration is this absurdly rare 100% ALL ORIGINAL vintage 1973 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Goldtop" electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 157405, is in remarkable NOS condition with the original case, original polish, original strap, original case key and original Allen wrench trussrod adjustment tool... ALL in the original shipping box! This guitar was purchased from the
legendary Chicago Music Store of Tucson Arizona almost 30 years ago, and
it remains in the exact same NOS condition! For those who have heard the
seemingly mythical tales of the over-abundance of literally NEW OLD
STOCK stashed away in this Arizona music retail store, it is time not
only to feast your eyes on one of it's many treasures, but to take
advantage of this inexplicably rare opportunity to own a NOS example of
a super rare Les Paul Standard!

Early-70s GoldTops are pretty rare, and those that usually become available are "Deluxe" models with (2) mini-humbuckers. Those outfitted with (2) traditional large (Pat. No. sticker T-Top) humbucking pickups are exceptionally rare and have become super scarce! I recently sold a very cool early-70s Deluxe in the original box, and though I hate to let this one go, I am selling it at auction with No Reserve and a $.01 Minimum, which means the highest bidder will win regardless of price!

Important Features:

-Serial Number: 157405
-Pot Codes: 1377303
-Sandwiched Mahogany body

-8-piece maple top!
-3-piece mahogany neck

-Early 70's small "Standard" truss rod cover typeface

-Tun-O-Matic bridge and lightweight stop tailpiece

-Rosewood fingerboard w/mother of pearl trapezoid inlay

-Patent No. sticker "T top" humbucking pickups

It makes sense, that such a rare guitar would also seem to be anomalous, and while an 8-piece maple top would seem strange to some, there already exists an interesting dialogue about how Gibson did make tops with; 1-piece, 2-pieces, 3-pieces, 4-pieces, 5-pieces, 7-pieces and even 8-pieces, during this era. Les Paul Customs from the same time frame sometimes came with 7 and 8 piece tops. Les Paul Standards from the early-70s have also been seen with Burst-style 2-piece tops as well. But don't take my word for it, go ahead and reference this thread:

http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/gibson-les-pauls/1228-3-piece-maple-tops-lp-standards.html or this one http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/gibson-les-pauls/8785-three-piece-tops.html

While it is difficult, or near impossible rather, to photograph the visible top pieces, and some might not know to inspect it for such an unusual feature, it is a very important and interesting note about this guitar. Similarly, the gold finish is quite unique, and it exhibits slight evidence of a strange oxidation which has been documented on similar era gold-finished Gibsons. It gives off an interesting ghost smudge appearance, and while it might be a little weird, doesn't disturb the overall appearance or cosmetic condition of the instrument. Otherwise, there is nothing out of the ordinary with respect to the construction of the guitar. except for some small scraping on the treble side of the neck/bass humbucking pickup rout. This is a minimal factory adjustment to compensate for the tight-fit of the pickup which might otherwise be impossible to fit within given the limited lead.

This guitar has immense vintage vibe, and resembles the look and aura of a '57 GoldTop more so than a 70's reincarnation. The color is really attractive and the overall finish is amazingly crisp and intact. Void of weather-checking or other age-induced finish defects, the overall appearance of this guitar is remarkably fresh. The chrome parts are oxidation and scratch free, with such strong vibrancy that the pickup covers look like little mirrors. The plastic parts are bright and unfaded without cracks, splits or discoloration. There are a couple of random small dings on the face of the guitar, but no other condition flaws else where. The frets are perfectly intact. There is no playing wear anywhere.

The neck is straight, the truss rod works, and the the guitar is in 100% functional condition. The pickups sound particularly great, and the medium soft-C profile is really comfortable.

While the guitar is in near perfect vintage museum-quality condition, the guitar would be an amazing player for the enthusiast who values rarity.

Photo Notes:

The majority of these photos were taken with a typical Canon point-and-shoot. The last 35 detailed shots were taken with a Canon 5D MKII, which although it has an extreme depth of field, is highly accurate with respect to color and condition.

Payment Details

I accept Paypal, and I have my account arranged so that you can pay with all credit cards, as well as, fund the purchase directly through your bank account. If someone local is interested in this item, I can facilitate other types of secure payment. Please inquire.

Shipping Details

Since this item is both fragile and sensitive, I will box this guitar in the original box inside a larger box, professionally with all new packing materials. The guitar will also be insured at the sale total at no extra charge.

Shipping and handling will be FREE within the Continental U.S., $59 to Canada, $149 to Europe, and $199 to South America/Australia/New Zealand/Spain/Middle East/Asia/Africa.

Please remember that all transactions that take place within CA (whether the item is picked up from me in LA, or shipped to any city in CA) will be responsible for a 8.75% CA sales tax liability.

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