1969 Gibson Les Paul Standard Dclp Guitar 68 69 Ace
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1969 Gibson Les Paul Standard Dclp Guitar 68 69 Ace


gibson les paul standard 321482806941215180 1969 Gibson Les Paul Standard Dclp Guitar 68 69 Ace


This is a late 1968-1969 Les Paul Standard, 1 piece mahogany body, Maple top, mahogany neck no volute no USA stamp. This guitar was modified by Strings and Things of Memphis in 1975, very likely the Firstguitarof 6 they did from 1975-1985. 4 of the 6 were built for or sold to rock legends. Who got them, Greg Lake (Emerson Lake and Palmer) got one. The guitarist for the group (America) got one, and one was built for Ace Frehley (KISS) and Reports are Pat Traversowned one. And the rumors of who may have owned one of these are almost endless from Page to Walsh. These guitars have legendary status !!!

I have a letter that verifies this guitar to be 1 of the 6 guitars that was modified by Strings and Things, froma very reliable andrespected gentlemanwho has first hand knowledge as to the authenticity and modificationof thisguitar. This letter of Authenticity will be included with the guitar.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Strings and Things and their place in rock guitar history. They have modified many great guitars over the years for people like Clapton.One legendary guitar would be Jeff Beck's oxblood Les Paul.They built or modified guitars for many of rock's greats. I have read that this guitar may have beena match or pair ofthe oxblood Les Paul.I haven' been able to substantiatethat yet.

The guitar is in very good condition for a 40 year old guitarit was never abused but played often,no breaks,cracks or repairs. It has weather checking and finish chips. 3 pickup ring screwswere recently replaced. The frets have wear but it plays great. The tuners are gold grovers, all the hardware is gold. The pickups are gold covered Gibson stamped Pat. # humbuckers from the era the guitar was modified.

The information I've been given was all of the 6 guitars were 1968-1969's, based on the serial # and other design features and expert opinions I believe this is a late 1968-1969. This is not a pancake deluxe it is a Standard. With the exception of the tuners the guitar has the same parts as it did when it was modified. The case is included and in good condition and most likely original to the guitar.

The 6 DCLP guitars were patterned after a Gibson Epiphone prototype, that I've been told sold at one time for $200,000. For the history of these Les Pauls check out this website: www.stringsandthings.com click on starz guitars then Ace Frehley and on to DCLP. There is alot of info there about these guitar's that I haven't included. Feel free toask questions.

This is a very specialguitar, and a dreamto play with major mojo. The cutaway give'sgreat balance, its comfortable to play and you have goodaccess to the higher frets. This guitar has ahistorical place inrock music guitarhistory.

Take a good look at the pictures, if you need to see a photo of a certain part of the guitar just ask I'll be happy to send one. The serial # is 85219x partiallyblocked in the photo for security purposes.

All of the information included in this listing is correct to the best of my knowledge.I would ask that younot reprint these pictures or this listing without my permission. This Guitar will be for sale in other venues. I reserve the right to end this listing at any time.

Policies: This is a very rare vintage used guitar it is sold as is, No returns. No 0 or neg. feedback bidders please without approval. Nointernational bidders without my approval. If and Ebay return is in order buyer will be responcible for all shipping costs.

Shipping: Due to the guitars value and the cost to ship safely with full insurance and other factors that mighthamper the successful delivery of this guitar, Iwould prefernot to ship this guitar it can be picked up locally or I can deliver it to MSP International airport in Minneapolis. Please contact me for details. I will do all I can to accommodate the buyeron the safe delivery of the guitar.

( If shipping is the only option that will work for you please contact me prior to bidding and make arrangements for a possible shipment ). I have posted andapprox. Shipping cost which would include insurance and 2 day delivery UPS, APPROX. SHIPPING TO THE LOWER 48 STATES $365.00


International bidders please contact me prior to bidding

Payment: Paypal E.Check is prefered, Contact meif you need otherpayment options. Due to the high paypal fees I would ask that you contact me prior to paypal payment. A substantial partial Paypal depositmay be needed withsome payment options. Other forms of payment will be considered, contact me for details. Example of a payment option:partial paypal and a cash payment upon delivery of guitar.

This guitar that I'm sellinghas been authenticated by the most reliable source I could find, the person who actually supervisedthe work on the guitar in 1975 and I should add he did it for no payment . Thank's too all for the information you have sent.

Thanks to all for visiting my site and viewing my guitar,have a great day!!!!

The Original Ace Peace and Doves strap is not included with the guitarif your interested in it let me know!!! I may include it with the guitar for a very modest price.

gibson les paul standard 321482806941215181 1969 Gibson Les Paul Standard Dclp Guitar 68 69 Ace
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